Manifest a Life You Love Masterclass


  • The 7-Pillar Manifesting Formula to10X your manifesting abilities.
  • How to identify blocks to your abundance keeping you stuck.
  • How to work with spiritual laws in a practical way.
  • 3 reasons your manifestations are not happening (yet!) and what to do about it.
  • How to release the struggle and efforting with the co-creation process and manifest quickly with joy, ease and purpose.
  • How to align your intentions with the highest vibration.

Meet Your Teacher

Sarah is a Spirit-Directed Self-Healing and Holistic Fitness Coach. She helps modern women manifest the health, life, and business they truly love with a unique blend of holistic healing and mind-body tools and techniques backed by modern science such as NLP, mindfulness, meditation, yoga, Yoga Nidra as well as Reiki energy healing. Sarah draws on her own intuitive guidance and channeling abilities, ancient wisdom and applied Universal Spiritual Laws for a truly holistic and Soul-centered approach to self-healing and manifesting!

Sarah Rose Self-Healing & Holistic Fitness Coach